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Love Design Match Box Contains 50 Wooden Matchsticks 4" Length

Love Design Match Box Contains 50 Wooden Matchsticks 4" Length

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Set the stage for unforgettable moments with our matches bulk box of 50 Love matches with colorful tips. Crafted for those who appreciate the more aesthetically pleasing things in life and have a joy for hosting! Festive and decorative prints grace the exterior of the match sticks box, transforming it into a charming piece that effortlessly blends with your theme. The 4" long stick matches ensure a comfortable distance from flames, providing both practicality and style. The built-in striker sparks the wood matches with ease and grace, adding convenience to your lighting rituals. Compact in size and designed for easy storage. These wooden matches strike on box are great for lighting candles and your fireplace at joyful gatherings like an anniversary, wedding, or birthday. Despite their decorative appearance, they can also be used for lighting a fire when camping. Our colored matches coordinate perfectly with our Floral Bouquet candle, creating a harmonious ambiance for your special occasions. Spark joy, ignite connections, and let the magic unfold today.


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